Migrating Data from Another System

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Blitz provides a migration service that will update your leads in Blitz that you export from another system. This allows you to switch systems without starting over from scratch. 

Blitz will update the following to match your previous system:

  • Status
  • Milestone
  • Source
  • Assigned User

How to migrate leads to Blitz:

  1. Export the leads from your other system. The leads must be in a CSV format, with the column headers on the first line of the spreadsheet. Anything that you can get into this spreadsheet can be transferred to Blitz. It's important that you have a column for Status, Milestone, Source, and Assigned User (or equivalent values). We will use this information to update those values appropriately in Blitz.
  2. Import the leads into Blitz (click here for instructions). Be sure to map the Status, Milestone, Source, and Assigned User to custom fields during the import process. If you have any notes, or more than 20 columns, this can all be mapped to the History Note field (you can map an unlimited amount of data into a history note).
  3. Work with your Account Manager to document how the Status, Milestone, Source, and Assigned User should appear in Blitz.
    • For each Status and/or Milestone from your other system, we need to know what they equate to in Blitz. Generally your Statuses and Milestones from the other system will be different than the defaults in Blitz (or maybe your other system doesn't have a Milestone at all - only a status!). You can either stick with Blitz's defaults and explain the translation for each, or you can edit Blitz's defaults to match.
      For example, your other system's status was "Quoted but not Sold." In Blitz, this could equate to a "Follow up" Status and a "Quoted" Milestone.
    • Each source from your other system must be added to Blitz so we can match them up during the migration. Sources can be added by going to Administration > Lead Sources and clicking +Add New Record for each source. Click here for detailed instructions.
    • Users must be added prior to doing the migration. If there are any users that existed in your other system, but do not exist as a user in Blitz, we need to know what you'd like done with that user's leads. We could leave them unassigned, or we could assign them all to one particular user.
  4. Once step 3 is complete and documented, the migration will be submitted by your Account Manager. You can expect the migration to be complete within two business days.

Please note that there is a processing fee associated with migrations. This fee is waived for your first migration when signing up with Blitz and transferring data. If you need to run additional migrations, please contact us for a quote.

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